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Employers | Why Choose Us?

The Charles Dahl Group has been relied on for over three decades to produce successful results for our clients on their most critical and difficult searches in a timely fashion.

Our clients have chosen us to handle difficult searches because of our reputation for confidentially and reliably satisfying their needs.

The Charles Dahl Group customizes our search strategy to meet your goals.  We collaborate with you to develop the ideal candidate profile, an individual with the attributes and experience you are looking for.    This profile enables us to maximize our search process by targeting appropriate candidates.   Utilizing every possible resource developed over three decades we identify, contact, and select only individuals who meet the profile and are receptive to the opportunity.  We take into account attributes not found on resumes: culture, work ethic, motivation, career goals, geographic history and preference, and achievements.  We never discriminate on the basis of age, race, creed, religion, or sexual preference; however, on request we have helped our clients meet and exceed their diversity goals.   Following our in-depth evaluation we conduct reference checks.

The search and evaluation process allows us to present to our clients only well-qualified and evaluated candidates.   Once the most ideal candidate has been selected, we assist with interview scheduling, follow-up, and provide third-party assistance in negotiating an offer. 

Successful placement of the ideal candidate does not end our involvement.  We remain in contact to evaluate performance and satisfaction from the client and candidate prospective.   This follow-up has been invaluable in resolving issues that sometimes arise.